Why Do We Need Vectorization Services For Printing?

Using vector images is one of the best ways to obtain a presentable and high-quality image. Whether it’s for an online or offline display, vector images have become an indispensable part of the web environment, digital arts industry, printing industry, and clothing industry because of their scalable nature. 

Whether it’s for printing or creating a highly detailed image, the use of vector conversion services give the cleanest look without the loss of details. Such features make the vector file types forms the core part of vector design and vector design printing. And before deep diving all into the details of custom vector design, I will tell you what we are going to cover.

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What Is A Vector File?

A vector file consists of a graphical image in which the shapes are described using anchor points. Each custom shape is formed off a combination of different types of shapes. For example – three vertices (anchor points) form a triangle and four vertices form a rectangle.

Vector conversion services

It is possible to create all kinds of shapes using vector anchor points. How about a circle or a blob? Yes, those are possible too. Using 4 anchor points and tangents, it is possible to draw all the shapes in the world.

Vector services
Custom vector services

All vector images are created based on geometrical shapes based on mathematical equations. Each shape in the image is created using a specific mathematical equation. Simply put, the basic structure of the image is formed out of points, lines, and shapes. 

With these points, lines, and shapes forming the barebone structure of the image, it becomes possible to scale the image to any size, whether it’s large or small. You can scale it to the size of a billboard and also scale it to the size of a website logo at the same time without losing any quality, thus allowing the image to work in a responsive way.

Are Vector Services Necessary?

It is important to use vector logo/ images from an entrepreneur’s point of view. Three things that essentially contribute to your brand presentation are – typography, logo image, and color. The right combination of these three elements creates the best presentable identity for your brand. 

And judging from a customer’s perspective, a study shows that more than 90% of American online shoppers judge a website or a brand based on its logo, typography, color combination, and the overall appeal of their website.

So, by combining both perspectives, we can say that – Yes, vectorization is important.

Are Vector Conversion services Essential for Printing?

Unlike raster images, vector graphics do not associate with pixels at all. Pixels are the smallest colored unit in a digital image. It fills an image in a specific way that looks great but cannot be scaled to an infinite scale. This is why, when we zoom a raster image too closely, it gets pixelated and does not look anywhere near perfe

raster to vector conversion service

What Are The Advantages of Using Best Vector Conversion Services?

Here are some important facts about why we need vector files for printing:


The most important reason for using vector files is their infinite scalability. You can resize an image to the size of a dot or one that fits a billboard without losing any quality. To add more, this property works on vector fonts as well.

vectorization service

File Size

Vector file sizes are so small that you can create millions of vector art on your computer without ever worrying about running out of space. Besides, when compared as raster vs. vector image file size, vector files always comes out smaller with more details than its raster counterpart.

There are some caveats though. Vector art does not translate well when it comes to using complex techniques and effects (like gradient mesh). So, there are some limitations here as well.

Easily Editable

The ability to easily edit a vector file puts it on top of raster files on any day. Each part of the image is created by a particular set of lines and points filled with a specific color which can be changed within a few clicks of a mouse.

You can confirm this on speaking with expert graphic designers who works on raster to vector conversion services. And they will attest to this everytime that converting raster to vector images is easier than trying to modify them.

Different File Formats

Vector graphics can be saved in an array of file formats. Some notable vector file formats are – .ai, .jpg, .png, .svg, .pdf, .eps, .cdr, .cmx, .swf, and .wmf. The biggest upshot about this is, even if you zoom it upto 800%, it would still not show pixelated edges.

Ideal For Printing

The high quality of vector images is the very reason for choosing vector files for printing all over the world. For example – a company logo can be scaled across its website, company building, billboards, apparels, souvenirs, and etc. Still it would be perfect in every case.

Small File Size

All vector files hold the information of the anchor points or the Bezier curves of the image only which makes the file size incredibly small. These anchor points are the control points of the image that forms the basis of the drawing.

High Precision

The high precision of vector graphics and scalability makes it the number one choice for drawing blueprints and schematics for complex hardware equipment.

What Are The Usage Of Vector Files?

The most common usage of vector files include – creating logos, typography, 2D illustrations, infographics, printing, and etc. However, vector graphics is not suitable for photos with special effects or having many layers.

In Conclusion

As you may see, the advantages of using custom vectorization services outweigh the need of using any other format for creating an attractive brand identity. Vectorizing services are a common gig in the image editing industry. But, the best custom vector design is only offered by those who know their way around complex custom vector design.

In my opinion, it is much more convenient to use vector services to have your images converted perfectly. Aside from saving time, you will not have to pay twice for the same image and can also edit it with a few clicks of your mouse.

Finding the right vector conversion service is like finding a needle in a haystack. But, luckily I’m going to save your time by recommending the vector service that I use. Schedule an appointment.

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