Logo Vectorization Services

Vector-based images/ logos can be scaled by any amount without losing quality of the image. This is essential with logo design since it will be used in a vast number of formats and variety of sizes. Convert image/ picture/logo to AI, SVG, JPEG, EPS, PDF vector formats.

Vectorizing Logo

Logo vectorization is one of the most popular and used image editing services. It means to convert the raster logos/images/pictures to vector format. Raster to logo vector conversion refers to a technique that converts images, pictures, logos and other graphics from raster to vector formats.

Usually, a raster logo cannot fulfill all the purposes of marketing. So, you have to use logo vectorization that will provide you with the maximum scalability advantage when printing the logo. Besides, throughout this technique, you can convert PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and Bitmap images to EPS, SVG, and PDF vector images automatically by simply uploading them.

However, We have been serving you to convert images/ pictures/ logos to vector files with the most skilled vector artists at an affordable price. Surely, you will get the best-vectorized logo design service from us.

raster logologo conversion

Our Logo Vectorization Service

Vectorior is a manual tracing vector conversion service provider. We offer the best quality vector logo converting service. Convert any images/logo to a high-quality image promptly. A vector file can be used for screen printing, laser cutting, engraving, and other various purposes. We provide a wide range of vectorizing logo services as customer requirements.

Embroidery Logo

Logo vector conversion is a popular logo vectorization service for embroidery design. Embroidery design requires vector images for printing.

Vectorior ensures the best quality logo vector conversion with an expert designer and provides 100% zoomable vector images.

logo vector converterconvert a logo to vector

Engraving/ CNC

Many processes require images to be in vector format, like engraving and CNC work. Many vector graphics engravers use the vector file for relief engraving, laser engraving, and CNC.

Our experts deal with it vectorizing images for your engraving or CNC projects!

raster to vector conversion servicesVector conversion services
convert image into logoconvert picture into logo

Engraving/ CNC Design

Many processes require images to be in vector format, like engraving and CNC work. Many vector graphics engravers use the vector file for relief engraving, laser engraving, and CNC.

Our experts deal with it vectorizing images/ logos for your engraving or CNC projects!

Vector for Printing

Do you need a high-resolution image /logo to print at any size? Logo or vector image is important to be able to use a file in screen printing, pad printing and transfer printing

Let us convert your logo/image to a vector and then you can print that vector on promotional material!

Vector conversion servicesraster to vector conversion services

How We Deliver Vector Services

1. Get your client's order and Send it to us

Obtain the image or logo or design from your customer and forward it to us, we will then proceed to vectorize your raster logo or design.

convert artwork to vector

2. Converting into Vector

After receiving your logo or design, we will go forwards to changing and converting it into a fine and print ready vector illustrator. We will make every effort to deliver the vector file on time by maintaining the highest quality.

vectorizing services

3. Print and Deliver

Receive the print ready vector file from us. Simply print it on the product and send it to your client.

vectorization services

Convert A Logo to Vector Format

Do you provide printing & digital media services? It is perfect for applying when you need an appealing logo. When you want to grab your client’s attention to increase sales choose our vectorizing logo services. Our expert designers convert raster to a high-quality logo vector within a short time.

raster to vector conversion services

Importance of Vector logo conversion

We can help you vectorize a logo or any image to create a high-resolution vector format. This means getting rid of your old blurry and pixelated logo and receiving a crisp, sharp vector logo. It is a vector instead of a raster image because the logo of a business is often used in various media like print or digital media for various purposes. If you want to widen your business to a great extent, convert the raster logo to vector format.

Quality Improvement

Improving blurry or pixelated logos into sharper, visually pleasing brand designs.

Print & Web files

Providing sharp, scalable logos using the process of vectorizing the logos for printing.

vectorize a logo

Vectorizing a logo always can keep the professional look. For printing and advertising, you must use a vector logo to have better color, gloss, and smooth edge. So, convert a logo to a vector format.

Our Portfolio

Check out our recent logo vectorization services. We strive to provide you with excellent work at all times so that you can feel confident to rely on us for any future projects.

Vector File Formats that We Provide

Vectorior is currently providing a number of services.  One of them is raster to logo conversion services. Convert the logo in different file formats such as Ai, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPG and PDF etc. We provide your logo to your desired file formats.  













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Excellent service!!! Excellent quality work along with speedy service. Very reliable. The team is professional and efficient. Highly recommended.
Joyce W. Jackson
Great experience with Vectorior. Nice job on the raster logo to vector conversion. They do great work and had exceptional customer service. surely take the service again.
Mike Stuart

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vectorization services
vectorization services
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