How To Convert Bitmap File To Vector? (Step By Step Guide)

A bitmap defines the display space and the color of each pixel in the exhibit area. For instance, graphic images like JPEG format contain bitmaps. The bitmap images can be resized but lose quality and become grainy or pixelated. 

Whereas, once they are converted to vectors, they can be scaled up to any size without losing the quality. For instance, if you want to convert the business symbol, you can use a vector format logo converter to prevent blur images. 

The bitmap files can be converted into vectors using several tools. Some of the best tools are adobe illustrator, photoshop, and other logo vector converter software.

convert a logo to vector

The bitmap files can be converted into vectors using several tools. Some of the best tools are adobe illustrator, photoshop, and other logo vector converter software.

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What is a vector file?

what is vector file

A vector file is essentially an image. They are created using advanced formulae to establish grid points. This type of file can adjust in size without losing its resolution, making them easier to edit. Because of this, quality vector files are used to create high-quality artwork that can be resized to any scale. 

They are 2D images that are formed from a combination of individual objects containing points, lines, and colors. Although the vector image is scalable and does not break, it has a less realistic display. Hence it cannot be used for real-life photos. 

Vector files are an excellent format for company logos, poster designs, business cards, etc. Vector conversion makes them easy to print in high resolution. Examples of some of the standard vector files are:

  • Adobe Illustrator or ai: Widely used for company logos and other print media and digital graphics.
  • Portable document format or pdf: Helps exchanging documents across platforms and can be edited on Adobe Acrobat.
  • Scalable vector graphics or SVG: Helpful for the web, where it can be searched, classified, and scripted.
  • Encapsulated PostScript or eps: Older vector files. It doesn’t support transparency, unlike the newer files. To open this file, you can use Adobe reader, EPS viewer, and CoralDraw.

The vector files are small-sized and do not contain pixel information, only mathematical points. They are easily editable, and you can modify individual elements without hurting the files’ other objects. 

You can use vector files blown up on a billboard without damaging any part of the logo or graphic. You can also reduce them to print on the tiniest accessories. Therefore, organizations use logo vector converters to turn their logos into this format.

What is Bitmap?

A bitmap is a raster file that contains colorful blocks. These blocks are called pixels. It is a format used to store files in a computerized form. This file is a map of bits that forms images when delivered to a display screen.

When a bitmap file displays on the computer, the system reads it and determines what color to use for each pixel. In a bitmap image, each pixel has a bit that indicates what shade it should reflect, and it could be the background of the image, foreground, or something different. 

Let’s take an example of a white page with black letters. Each alphabet on this page is made of several pixels. Consider a single letter on this page; every pixel of that letter will have only one bit. So, the display of the pixel is black or white, which is 1 or 0. 

When bitmap displays a complex image, for instance, there are various shades and gradations in lighting and colors in the scenery. Each pixel in this bitmap will have numbers like 18, 22, and 40 as bits of information. The more the number of bits, the greater the image’s resolution

Bitmaps contain huge information that builds excellent-looking pictures but is unsuitable for scaling. Once they are zoomed in, they may appear grainy or blocky. Also, if you reduce the image size, they lose quality. 

This is why brands convert raster logos to vectors while putting them on business cards. Some examples of bitmap files are GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, XBM, etc.

How to convert a bitmap file to a vector?

Bitmaps make beautiful images but aren’t scalable, so they need to be converted into vectors. Using this method helps in keeping the quality of images intact. Companies usually use this technique to convert logo to vector format.

Here is a detailed description of how to convert the bitmap file logo to vectors in photoshop.

how to convert bitmap file to vector

Step 1

Choose the Bitmap file you want to open and select the Magnetic Lasso or magic wand tool to choose the image you want to convert. Sometimes, you get a clear-cut selection with the magic wand tool. This appears as a path around the object.

In other cases, the magic wand may not be able to create a clear boundary and will select unwanted areas. You can try to increase or reduce the selection percentage. If that fails, you can trace the image carefully with Magnetic Lasso until the path is closed. Make sure you don’t leave the mouse midway, or you will need to repeat the magnetic lasso process.

Step 2

Next, you have to click the panel labeled paths and select “Make work path from selection”. With this option, you can get a copy of the path that was created near your image. This option is under the panel, and is an icon that resembles a circle with rays of lines coming out. 

Step 3

Now you need to export the path by going to the file menu and selecting the “Paths to Illustrator” option. This way, you can bring up the export paths window and have the pathway saved in your file.

Step 4

Rename or change the name of the file as you require for identification. The original image will retain its name, so don’t worry about that. Then you need to save as type the pathway to Adobe Illustrator. 

Step 5

Finally, you should open your file on Adobe Illustrator and adjust the anchor points or use the smooth tool to clean the paths. When you use the magic wand tool or even the magnetic lasso tool, it is likely that you will have rough edges. That’s why you need to smooth the edges.

Final thought

Along with Adobe Illustrator, other helpful logo vector converter software can convert your image in simple steps. 

Bitmaps create beautiful realistic images and can be used for making logos for brands but require a logo vector converter for different purposes. These formats are finite squares, so you begin to see the shape once you zoom it. 

In many cases, the images get distorted and blurry due to zooming in or reducing the size. Pixelated images make logos lose their clarity, so brands prefer to convert them to vector formats. That keeps their quality intact for business cards, brochures, etc.

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